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Learn R From Scratch – Part 2

This is a continuation from the Part 1 of “Learn R From Scratch” series. In the previous post, the videos covered the very basics for R from scratch. We first installed R, got familiar with the environment, worked some basic math, different types of variables, got introduced to vectors and learnt how to access and manipulate it. Now, its time to step up the game and dive deeper into the essentials.

In this set of videos, I introduce you to heterogenous data types – lists and dataframes. You will then learn how to access, work with and manipulate these data objects. Later, I show how to do set operations, create counts tables, bin continuous variables into buckets and finally how to import and export various types of data in R. Next is the part 3 we will discuss more practical aspects such as exploring built-in datasets, handling dates, writing functions and debugging.