DataScience+ We publish R tutorials from scientists at academic and scientific institutions with a goal to give everyone in the world access to a free knowledge. Our tutorials cover different topics including statistics, data manipulation and visualization!

Learn R from the Ground Up

R is an open source programming language which is made from the dialect of S. R programming is very power when dealing with Data Manipulation and Statistical Modelling. R is widely used by data scientist and can solve complex problems containing datasets with statistical computing. R has thousands of packages which shows how powerful R can be.

R handles data analysis, statistical modelling, data visualization and many more. They include machine learning, data mining, data analysis, predictive modelling etc. R is commonly used by statisticians, data scientists, researchers and others who want to explore the meaning of their data.

I have created this series as a way to help others like me with learning the R programming language and start playing with data. Further down the road I want to introduce you with machine learning, data visualization and others but learning R is a great first step. I will be doing these tutorials using R and RStudio version 3.2.3. This list below will contain all R tutorials from the beginner to advance.